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P.O. Box 4305 Waynesville, Mo 65583 (573) 774-6494
Client Listing
Columbia College ( Fort Leonard Wood Branch)
5 Schedules per year followed with a newsletter for each schedule.
Drury College (Fort Leonard Wood Branch)
Flyers for special presentations at schools and etc.
Fort Wood Inn
A tri-fold to show area visitors about the motel and surrounding area.
King Apartments
A tri-fold including photos of area rental property and apartments, designed for new people to the area.
The 3 most important aspects of an ad are......
1. Headline- Catch the attention of the intended customer
2. Benefit- You must show an immediate benefit to the customer
3. Copy- Your copy should make the buyer want to go out and          buy it now.
Advertising doesn't have to be expensive to be effective.....
There  are many ways to reach your customers,
do you know all of them?
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